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10A-TTL-3SW -- Controller/Driver, 10 amps - Controller/Driver rated 3 amps

10A-TTL-3SW -- Controller/Driver, 10 amps

Controller/Driver rated 3 amps

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Controllers/drivers (without motors), for special situations. Normally you will purchase the integrated motor/controller.

These controllers/drivers are the same as described for the integrated motor/controllers pages, but usually come with a wire extension and connector. Select the Controller that matches the amperage of your stepper motor. The 10A-TTL-3SW can drive up to 10 amps, 3 amps being normal. Email us for more details, and for available options.

These controllers are microminiature and exceptionally small, see the motor/controller drawings for dimensions.

This controller runs "right out of the box" by typing a 'w' then 'G'. Each Excitron controller includes all the electronics and drivers for running the stepper motor. There are no separate electronic boxes and no messy cables. Included here is a full range of details of our motor/controller family.

You easily control how your stepper motor operates in these modes:

  • Serial Command Mode: send and receive via RS232, TTL (+5v logic), or USB are either optional or built-in. Connection with PCs, PLCs or Labview work well.
  • Standalone Motion Profile Mode: repeatedly run a sequence of motion profiles, exactly as you wish, upon powerup. In this case, your computer is not needed. You can use inputs to control how and when these profiles run.
  • Input Profile Mode: each of up to 5 input pins trigger 3 motion profiles each, giving you random selection of motion by simply pushing buttons.
  • Manual Onboard switches: each built-in switch runs 1 or 2 motion profiles.
  • Driver (CNC step/dir) Mode: motor steps each time when an external STEP occurs, in the direction set by DIRECTION. CNC programs usually output these signals on a PC parallel port.

You can combine many of these modes, with few restrictions. Hundreds of successful customers have created very ingenious motion using these simple "building blocks", some in as little as 10 minutes.

You can easily setup the Excitron controller for standalone (Motion Profile) mode so that it performs exactly as you wish upon powerup. In this case, your computer is not needed. The Excitron controller has many useful modes for inputs and for the one output, so that you can add intelligent repetitive motion to almost any device. Connection with PLCs or Labview work well.

You also need to purchase an RS232 adaptor for each controller, unless:

  • After setup, each motor/controller runs standalone (no external PC).
  • You connect multiple units in our Simple Serial Bus configuration.
  • You order the 4A-RS232 or 10A-RS232 controllers, which have built-in RS232 interfaces.

The RS232 adaptor is needed for changing parameters such as acceleration, SPS, and torque. Once setup for running in Motion Profile standalone mode, Input Profile Mode, or Driver mode (step/dir), the RS232 adaptor is no longer needed.