Custom Creations

Custom Creations

Here are examples of how Excitron motors and controllers helped many customers.  Contact us to share your creative projects here, which also gives you more internet exposure.

Preferred Chassis/Raytheon Auto-Robot Car

RaytheonPreferred Chassis uses our Au110-150 and a custom 3:1 gearbox to steer their auto-robot car.  Dwayne of Preferred Chassis said his robot car could turn so fast it could flip over!  The Excitron motor had more than enough torque, and the high speed produced exceptional and responsive turning ability, needed to compete in the DARPA car challenges.  Another benefit was neglible battery drain when not steering--the 100A-TTL Controller uses only 10ma.  A 2nd robot car also uses this same steering motor and controller.

"University of Arizona engineers are part of a team selected by a Department of Defense agency to build a smart vehicle that can drive itself through 60 miles of city traffic.  The team, named Team Scorpion, is led by Raytheon Co. and includes Preferred Chassis Fabrication, of Tucson; articles...  Team Scorpion  Raytheon--see page 4

Marine Sense Deep Sea Robot

Marine SenseMarine Sense mounts our Au86-118 in their deep-sea robot, capable of diving to 6,000 feet.  The Excitron SM86-118 in inside the large forward cylinder and is subjected to extreme sea pressure, while the Controller electronics is mounted inside the upper pod.

Samsonite Finger Guard on 3 ton riveting machines


Excitron designed and manufactured many Finger guards for Samsonite.  The Finger guards were mounted on their 3 ton motorized rivet presses in Denver, where they made millions of suitcases.  Our finger guards prevented fingers being riveted, which occurred about once a week.   Thousands of lost fingers, average OSHA/etc. payout was $18,000 each.

The and Samsonite management were absolutely completely thrilled!

We won an IQ award in Denver in 2000, for saving fingers on dangerous machines.

Each Finger Guard used 3 Excitron motors and controllers, and custom designed linear position sensors.  One was the Master, and was 100% accurate in detecting the softness of a human finger.  If a soft finger was present--no riveting.  If no finger, then 3 tons came smashing down to form the rivet into the suitcases.

The Finger Guard also fed the rivets without jamming.  Big productivity improvement, because 1 out of 100 rivets were not fed well.

Lockheed Martin High Pressure Tank

Lockheed MartinLockheed Martin Very high Pressure Tank Control using 20 Excitron SM42-33 stepper motors and a single 100A-TTL Controller.  The 100A-TTL Controller has the amperage capacity to drive all 20 stepper motors in perfect unison.  Each stepper motor actuates a presure valve by moving the nut on the lead screw, and the total pressure controlled is 10,000 psi.  Entire bank of 20 stepper motors automatically homes and self-calibrates without any switches or sensors, due to the versatile Motion Profiles features.

Data Storage 4-axis Robot Arm with Gripper

RobotAn automatic data storage robot arm using 4 Excitron stepper motors and controllers.  One controller is programmed as a master, and is the main rotation motor controller.  The master controller serially interfaces to the outside world, and sends motion commands to the other 3 controllers via our Simple Serial Bus.

Automatic Wet Process Station, Excitron provides the XZ Rail, motors, controllers, and power supplies

Pure Aire

Automatic Pill Sorter

Paradigm Shift TechnologiesParadigm Shift Technologies markets and manufactures this automatic pill sorter.  It uses 4 Excitron stepper motors and controllers to count and sort a varaible quantity of pills.  Each controller uses Input Profile Modes to rotate a motor to perform specific and accurately timed actions.  No master controller is needed, due to the versatile Motion Profiles features.  The panel LEDs are individually controlled by the Excitron controllers, while monitoring the input switches.