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New X Series integrated Controllers and motors.

Older pdfs in Legacy section below.

X integrated controllers/motors pdf drawings and zipped STP 3D models, updated 01/24/2016.
See X Controller-motors category and product pages for all details.

X Controller/motor drawing  STP 3D models
X28-32, X28-45  STP 3D models
X35-26, X35-36  STP 3D models
X39-20, X39-44  STP 3D models
X42-33M, X42-38M, X42-47M  STP 3D models
X57-40M, X57-56M, X57-66M, X57-76M  STP 3D models
X60-45, X60-65, X60-88  STP 3D models
X86-65, X86-80, X86-118, X86-156  STP 3D models
X110-100, X110-150, X110-180  STP 3D models








Motorized Rotary Tables

Heavy duty rotary tables available are 6" to 39".  Great for automatic rotary indexing and 4th axis CNC machining and motion control. MRT6, MRT8, MRT10, MRT12, and MRT16 in both horizontal and horizontal/vertical configurations.  MRT20 , MRT24, and MRT31 are available in horizontal only.  HV suffix means both horizontal and vertical mounting.  New innovative dual change gear kit G486-90 gives you two different top speeds of 2 or 10 rpm with the just one rotary table purchase.  This increases your rotary table investment and applications.

Here are mechanical drawings and 3D solid stp files (zipped).  some Table Tops are exactly the same, whether horizontal or HV.  See product webpages for details.

Rotary tables for 10-200 pound load up to 120 rpm

Lighter duty rotary tables useful for laser marking, automatic assembly, instrumentation, and general laboratory measurements

Rotary Chucks

Belt Sliders

Leadscrew Sliders

Wire Sliders


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