Economical high strength and long-life Nylon SuperTough 6/6 all-threads and delrin nuts. They create linear motion from the motor rotation. Plastic all-threads are easily cut to size, resistant to most chemicals, electrically insulating, non-magnetic, lightweight, low thermal conductivity, reduce vibration, self-lubricating, and abrasion resistant.

Maximum load is 3,000 pounds, and working load is 100 pounds for very long life. All-threads are standard screw threads, and are not ACME trapezoidal threads. All nuts come with an easy mounting scheme.

We can make modifications to fit your application, and offer expert advice for your project. We suggest long-life zero backlash plastic leadscrew nuts, and can supply you with bronze nuts, too. All sizes and materials are available, up to 12 feet, too many to list here. The length in inches is the last number specified. You may order any length, just add a note when ordering. Ends are unfinished, unless you request additional machining.

Contact us for more details. Order stepper motor and integrated controller/driver separately.

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