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X86-118 -- NEMA34 86mm motor kit, DRO, USB, cables, FREE USA shipping - Complete ready-to-run stepper motor kit with integrated controller, DRO, power supply, USB cables.<br><font bold color="#C80000"><LI>only $549/100, $442/1K<br><LI><font bold color="red">Free 2-day shipping in USA, 1-day on Fridays</li>

X86-118 -- NEMA34 86mm motor kit, DRO, USB, cables, FREE USA shipping

Complete ready-to-run stepper motor kit with integrated controller, DRO, power supply, USB cables.
  • only $549/100, $442/1K
  • Free 2-day shipping in USA, 1-day on Fridays

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    NEW  Extremely compact and powerful motion control system.  Smallest most integrated available, only .26" thick, saves you space and money.  Loaded with all the features you need for robust robotic motion.  Excitron is the market leader for high tech innovative motion control products.  Video demonstrates the intelligence for your application.
    Easily change direction, number of steps, speed, acceleration, torque, and other important controls by using the dual on-board serial communication port.  Connect to a PC, PLC, Arduino, or smart phone using the included USB-TTL adapter.  Use 4 input pins (2 analog) for external motion control, we include two 3-pin Input Cables for easy connections to your switches or controller.  Intelligent microcomputer embedded with enough memory and speed for full automatic and robotic motion control. Multi-axis and CNC/Gcode capability eliminates PLCs and PCs.

    Our controllers run "right out of the box" by typing a "G".  Each Excitron controller includes all the electronics and drivers for running the stepper motor, and there are no separate electronic boxes and no messy cables.

    Announcing New DRO!  (digital readout) mounted on each motor. Gives you position, degrees, direction, speed, feedback, voltage, temperature, steps/degree, gear ratio, RPM, and more. Now you can have a complete system without a PC, PLC, or arduino. Eliminates you having to buy and install complicated and expensive linear encoders, saving you $400.

    Complete ready-to-run motor kit includes:

  • Precision 0.90 degree/half-step stepper motor with integrated controller, power drivers, and long-life polymer capacitors.
  • DRO digital readout displays Position, degrees to 4 decimal places, gear ratio, RPM, cycles, and more.
  • Two handy built-in 5 switch dual Joysticks for jogging the motor CW or CCW two different distances, or center push for running forever til pushed again. You can change the Motion Profiles per switch. Once running, you can change speed-on-the-fly with up/down Joystick switches. Then you can permanently save the current speed by pushing the Joystick top-left.
  • Encapsulated water resistant AC/DC 110-240vac 50/60 hz power supply with AC power cord.
  • Key ring with 10 metric hex key wrenches, 1.5 to 10mm.
  • USB-TTL cable with 3 pin connector.
  • USB micro adapter.
  • Two 3 pin Input control cables.
  • 2 cable management clamps.
  • Optional internal absolute encoder for feedback.
  • Nothing else is necessary.  Browse Documentation link on home page for 3D solid models and other files.

    Gold plated connectors and printed circuit boards for ultimate reliability, heat flow, and performance.  Each Controller is fully integrated with the stepper motor, which reduces the length and number of wires.  All X Controllers use exactly the same command set, to give you the utmost simplicity.  These units offer the first total 100% motor drive solution, allowing easy plug-n-play for machines, CNC, robots, actuators, 3D printers, vehicles, and all machine equipment.

    You easily control how your stepper motor operates in these modes:

    • Serial Commands:  send and receive via USB, or use our optional RS232-TTL adapter. Connection with PCs, PLCs or Labview work well.
    • 2 Joysticks:  10 different motions built-in, and are changeable.
    • Home:  Home command H runs Motion Profiles 02-05, exactly as you need. You can also set the Repeat Home feature, whereby Home repeatedly runs 4 Profiles at power-up over and over, without a computer. Use the 4 inputs to start and stop these 4 Profiles.
    • Input Profile Mode IPM:  each of the 4 digital input pins can trigger 3 motion profiles each, giving you random selection of motion by simply pushing buttons.
    • Driver (CNC step/dir):  the motor steps once each time an external STEP occurs, direction is set by DIRECTION. CNC programs usually output these signals on a PC parallel port. Controllers starting September 2019 have dedicated step and direction input pins. This allows you to use the other 4 input pins for motion control and limit switches.
    • CNC/Gcode:  run 1-8 Excitron motors using popular Gcode. One Excitron motor is the master sending TTL serial commands to other Excitron motors.  Master motor can read, view, save, and run Gcode files.
    • Future Cursor:  DRO cursor control using the 2 Joysticks, for changing values without any outside electronics. Then you truly have a complete stand-alone system, with easy programming--no PC!.

    You can combine many of these modes, with few restrictions.  All modes allow changing motor speed on-the-fly using the Joystick. Thousands of successful customers have created very ingenious motion using these simple "building blocks", as short as 10 minutes. Click on Testimonials button above. Add intelligent repetitive motion to almost any device.  Package price above is hundreds of dollars less than top selling competitor's motors.  Comparable price from Oriental is more than $950.

    Ships in 1-4 days after you order and pay. Free 1-day shipping if shipped on Friday, else free 2-day shipping.  We ship to 220 countries.  If shipped out of USA, then we will add $30-90, depending on your country. Updated September 1, 2019.