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MRT24-86-156 -- 24 inch motorized rotary table with X86-156, power supply, 2 USB-TTL adapter cables - Complete ready-to-run heavy-duty rotary table with X86-156 motor/controller with DRO for CNC machining and indexing. Same price for a 648:1 gear ratio for high resolution machining, or 120:1 gear ratio for higher speed positioning, just tell us your choice.  Order the G486-90 option and have both.<br><LI><font bold color="red">Free shipping in USA</li>

MRT24-86-156 -- 24 inch motorized rotary table with X86-156, power supply, 2 USB-TTL adapter cables

Complete ready-to-run heavy-duty rotary table with X86-156 motor/controller with DRO for CNC machining and indexing. Same price for a 648:1 gear ratio for high resolution machining, or 120:1 gear ratio for higher speed positioning, just tell us your choice. Order the G486-90 option and have both.
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       add Switch Assy SW1-2D - US $39.00
       add 2nd Switch Assy SW1x2D - US $39.00
       X86 integrated absolute encoder - US $49.00
    Add 1/4 inch Aluminum plate:
       40,000 lines Encoder with Index - US $795.00



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    MRT Motorized Rotary Table

    Use these rotary tables for all kinds of heavy machining and precision turning, capable as a 4th axis.  Great for ultra-precise applications such as laboratory, production part rotation, inspection, indexing to precise angles, laser marking, angular testing and measurements. The intelligent programmable controller is integrated with motor--no messy wires.

    Robust as a stand-alone unit with several modes to automate your rotation and indexing, and can be controlled by other CNC controllers.  Excellent repeatability due to the ground worm gears. The table top center bearing is extremely precise:  concentricity error is less than .0004 inches, typically as small as .0002 inches.  This gives you ultra center positioning, and makes your parts very round.

    Includes NEW DRO Digital Readout display, mounted on motor, no wires. See where your table top is positioned, makes your operation incredibly wonderful! Gives you instant display of Position (steps and decimal degrees), Voltage, temperature, number of cycles, RPM, encoder status, gear ratio, steps/rev, steps/degree, and current Motion Profile. You can connect a smart phone or PC, using the USB adapter we give you. 2 nice methods:

  • Use smart phone or PC.
  • you can type N, number of steps to rotate, and type G for Go.
  • the number of motor halfsteps per revolution is 194,400, with 486:1 gear ratio, which is 540 motor steps per degree.
  • if you want to move 30 degrees, then you type in N then 0016200. 16200 is 30 deg x 540 steps/deg.
  • then type G for Go.
  • keep the smart phone plugged in to make any rotation you want.
  • BEST--use built-in Joysticks.
  • use smart phone once, to change the values for each of the 10 Joystick switches to the angles you want, then unplug the phone.
  • example: change the Motion Profile for Joystick J1 to N=0002700. 2700 is 5 deg x 540 steps/deg.
  • then each time you push J1, the table rotates that direction exactly 5 degrees.
  • then change J2 to 15 deg, J3 to 45 deg, and J4 to 90 deg.
  • then do the same for Joysticks J6, J7, J8, and J9, for other direction.
  • J5 is already set to continuously rotate forever. You can stop the motor by pushing center Joysticks J5 or J10.
  • Now you have any 4 angles, plus continuous, in both directions!
  • If you only go in one direction, then you can set all 10 switches for same direction, and then have 10 different angles.
  • By the same method, if you hook up 2 of our SW1-2D handy external waterproof switches, then you can have 4 more, a total of 14 rotation angles.  that's more different angles then most customers need.
  • Example: if you need to drill 12 holes, 30 deg apart, that can be done with just one switch.  set N=0016200 for 30 degrees (assumes 486:1 ratio), and set R repeat to 00011, which is run once, then repeat 11 times. set little t=05000 (for example) to pause 5 seconds in between so can drill a hole. you can set the time delay from 1 millisec to 65+ seconds.
  • then unplug the smart phone, never needed again, except for changing values.
  • With the Joystick method, nothing is dangling, no smart phone, no keypad. you can do all of the above using a laptop or PC, too. The DRO shows you degree, and the X command allows you to set any angle for your reference.

    Look in Serial Programs for all serial communication details. We highly recommend a new serial communication app named Serial USB Terminal by Kai Morich. Download and install this app by using Google Play Store. Works well with our included USB-TTL-3pin adapter. It also works with Arduino with CDC driver. The Settings tab on the app is intuitive and easy to set for 115,200 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bits. wonderful!

    Every Excitron rotary table can be mounted horizontally or vertically since the thick grease will not run out.  If you order the HV model, then nothing else is needed for vertical mounting.  If you order the non-HV model and wish to mount it vertically, then you need some heavy duty angle plates.

    New dual gear ratio option of 628:1 and 120:1!  Now you can have 2 speed ranges, 0-1 rpm and 0-5 rpm, if you order the gear option.  Change between ratios in 5 minutes--only offered by Excitron.

    486 ratio486:1 90 ratio90:1

    For details of the optional G486-90 dual gear ratio kit, see G486-90 product page.

    All MRT6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 25, 30, and 39 inch rotary tables are CNC ready-to-go systems, and include:

    • Heavy-duty steel rotary table with quick mount T-slots.
    • Precision stepper motor and integrated controller with built-in 10 Joystick switches for 10 independent standalone motions.
    • DRO digital readout gives you Position, degrees to 4 decimal places, gear ratio, RPM, and more.
    • Table top has accurate degree markings, and adjustable zero degrees vernier indicator.
    • Motor and gear drive use ultra-precision spur gears, gearbox is fully enclosed, and greased.
    • 2 TTL 3.3v serial ports built-in, and one 39" (1m) USB-TTL-3pin adapter serial cable.
    • Two 4 inch cables with 3 pin housing and crimps for general DIY inputs, unwired at open end.
    • 24 volt AC/DC power supply and AC cable, 50/60 hz, 100-240 VAC, works anywhere in the world, water resistant.
    • One set of screws and nuts for securing your base, HV tables include clamp bars.
    • Key ring with 10 metric hex key wrenches, 1.5 to 10mm.
    • 12 x 20 inch high temperature transparent silicone sheet for water spray protection.
    • User must load with 90W gear oil.

    All Excitron size 86mm stepper motors have 400 half-steps per shaft revolution, and the 486:1 gear ratio gives you an incredible 194,400 steps per table top revolution.  This very high resolution is less than 0.002 degrees per half-step. The DRO shows you all these values, eliminates calculations. Stepper motor top speed is over 8,000 half-steps/second.

    Worm gear box backlash is zero because we pre-load the needle thrust roller bearings.  You can adjust table top worm gear backlash.  Usually backlash is +-.001", and even this can be compensated for electronically in CNC programs to reduce backlash to zero.

    Nothing else is necessary.  Browse Documentation link on home page for 3D solid models and other files.

    Gold plated connectors and printed circuit boards for ultimate reliability, heat flow, and performance.  Each Controller is fully integrated with the stepper motor, producing the most compact and powerful intelligent motor drive available.  All X Controllers use exactly the same command set, to give you simplicity.  These units offer the first total 100% motor drive solution, allowing easy plug-n-play for machines, CNC, robots, actuators, vehicles, and all equipment.

    You easily control how your stepper motor operates in these modes:

    • Serial Commands:  send and receive via USB using the included USB-TTL-3pin cable adapter, connect directly to arduinos and microcomputers.  Connection with PCs, PLCs or Labview work well.
    • 2 built-in Joysticks:  10 different motions built-in, and are changeable.
    • Home:  Home command H runs Motion Profiles 02-05, exactly as you need.  You can also set the Repeat Home feature, whereby Home repeatedly runs 4 Profiles at power-up over and over.  In this case, your computer is not needed.  You can use also inputs to control how and when these profiles run.
    • Input Profile Mode IPM:  each of the 4 input pins give you random selection of 3 motion profiles each, by simply pushing external switches or external control signals.  In2 and In3 are analog or digital.
    • Driver (CNC step/dir):  the motor steps once each time an external STEP occurs, direction is set by DIRECTION. CNC programs usually output these signals on a PC parallel port. Controllers starting September 2019 have dedicated step and direction input pins. This allows you to use the other 4 input pins for motion control and limit switches.
    • CNC/Gcode:  run 1-8 Excitron motors using popular Gcode.  One Excitron motor is the master sending TTL serial commands to other Excitron motors.  Master motor can read, view, save, and run Gcode files.
    • Future Cursor:  DRO cursor control using the 2 Joysticks, for changing values without any outside electronics. Then you truly have a complete stand-alone system, with easy programming--no PC!

    See X Controller-motor category web pages for more details.

    You can combine many of these modes, with few restrictions.  All modes allow changing motor speed on-the-fly using J1 and J4, then can save the new speed by pushing J2 while running .  Hundreds of successful customers have created very ingenious motion using these simple "building blocks", as short as 10 minutes.  You can add intelligent repetitive motion to almost any machine. Our stepper motors and controllers give you great speed and torque, and many large companies have purchased these for automating various motions.  Click on Testimonials button above.  Contact us for custom rotary tables.

    Ships in 4-10 days after you order and pay.  Free shipping within USA.  We ship to 220 countries.  If shipped out of USA, then we will add additional shipping cost, depending on your country.

    Some pictures show older single Joystick controller.  You definitely will receive the new dual Joystick controller with DRO. The video may show a different table size, your rotary table will operate in this manner. Updated December 13, 2020.