Customer Testimonials

Customers Testimonials

The US Army/DOD purchased a heavy duty 12 inch rotary table MRT12-86-118 for remote control of equipment.  "Great customer service, the table was excellent, and it performed very well.  We are buying more Excitron rotary tables."--US Army Redstone Test Center, Ernie High.

"We buy a lot of equipment, and the Excitron controllers are the only units still running--everything else has failed"--Radiometrics, Boulder, CO.

"Thanks for the rotary table.  We got it installed and operating fully very quickly.  The hyper-terminal serial interface worked well.  Very pleased with the motion and low back-lash.  Thanks!"--Mark, Lockheed Martin.

"The 110-100 motor and controller is great--I'm ordering 3 more!"--NASA engineer.

"I tried other motors and controllers, your 57-76M motors and controllers are the first that never miss steps. Now my CNC lathe sculptures are perfect."--Ed Robey

"Your motors work much better then Sanyo-Denke units, I am never going to buy them again, and will only use Excitron motors and controllers for my cabinet-making robots."--Alvin Kimball

"These little SGM25-25-30 gearmotors and controllers work much better than the competitor’s units. Before, to change torque, we had to unsolder and solder a power resistor. With the Excitron controllers, we just simply typed a different T value, which is incredible! Your controller has many more features than we could ever find, and in such a small package. We are going to buy 500 more."--Pictometry have purchased 1,450 units total.

"What a fortunate day! I received the Excitron stepper motor, it was exactly what I needed. Your help was greatly appreciated in getting everything set up.  This my first encounter in the field of stepper motors. I can hardly believe how easy Excitron has made this possible."--Stephen Brown

Excitron is listed on USA System for Award Management (SAM) 167138820/82BQ8, and DUNS 167138820.

4,600 customers over 25 years, here is a short list of famous customers, many are repeat customers:

US Air Force, several bases
US Air Force Research Lab
US Navy, several bases
US Army, over 10 bases
Agilent Technologies
Alcoa Aluminum
Arberobotics Israel
Argonne National Laboratory
Ball Aerospace
Baylor College of Medicine
Benchmark Electronics
BIC Corporation
CACI INC-Federal
Carnegie Mellon
Corning Inc
Disney France
Dow Chemical Co
Elcoteq Hungary LTD
Environmental Protection Agency
Flextronics Inc
Ford Motor CO
Freescale Semiconductor Inc
GE Lighting Solutions
General Atomic
General Dynamics
Georgia Tech
Gore Industries
Government Scientific Source
Harris Products Group
Harris Radar, Reconnaissance Systems
HP Puerto Rico
IPTE Factory Automation
Johnson Matthey
Lincoln Electric Co
Lockheed Martin Denver
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics CA
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Marathon Petroleum
Mayo Clinic
Milwaukee Tool
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
MOBLES S.A C.V. Mexico
National Optic
Nautronix Scotland
Newmont Mining
Northeastern University
Northrop Grumman
Parker FSD
Parker Hannifin
Philips USA
Phillips Belgium
PPG Industries
Pratt and Whitney
Qatar University
Qorvo USA and Netherlands
R&R Pour La Defense Canada
RADA Electronic Industries Ltd Israel
Randolph AFB
Raymond-Muscatine Inc
Rutgers University
Rolls Royce Norway
Sandia National Labs
Saudi Aramco EXPEC Adv Rsrch Ctr
Savannah River Nuclear SOL
Shell Lab. E&P
Shell Oil
Smiths Aerospace
Stanford University
Thermo Fisher Scientific
University of Texas at Austin

over 58 major universities
shipped to 70 countries

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