Celebrating 31 years of manufacturing Precision Rotary Tables, Stepper Motors, Encoders, and Intelligent Controllers for your CNC Machining, Automation, and Measurements.  Easy ordering for military and government--now listed on SAM, call for number.  Shipped to 70 countries, most Universities, 100 Army, Navy, Air Force bases.

Highest accuracy at lowest prices--a fraction of the cost for Haas or Allen-Bradley.

DRO digital readout mounted on Stepper Motors, shows you angle to 4 decimal places, Position, steps/degree, RPM, temperature, voltage, cycles, and more. 

Absolute Encoders optional with every stepper motor--closed loop control!  Get precision servo performance at stepper motor prices.

Wonderful new controller firmware gives you motion control in angle rotation, centimeter linear motion, and motor steps.  Handy for linear sliders and CNC.

Excitonium quantum particle just discovered. Discover the amazingly accurate Excitron Rotary Tables.

Excitron stepper motors with integrated intelligent controllers give you quick and easy motion control.  Add automation to factory processes, equipment, assembly lines, and robotics. Excitron manufactures a full line of motors/controllers, and can expertly add accessories such as gears, power supplies, encoders, adaptors, and cables to save you time.  Excellent for CNC machines and any motorized project, and saves Energy.

NEW!  X Controllers integrated with stepper motors and absolute encoders, and Controller-motor-gearhead kits category on left, gives you the most advanced and complete motion solution available, and at great prices.  Excitron's powerful controllers/drivers are very compact to save you room, and packed with new features for stepping, braking, built-in Joystick, and advanced automatic motion control.  All sizes, from our 10mm motor to NEMA 8, 11, 14, 16, 17, 23, 24, 34,and 42, many available with gearheads for greater torque.  Fast and reliable stepper motor solutions for automation, robots, robotics, motion control, actuators, 3D printers, and heavy duty machines.  Please see Documentation (lower left) for drawings, 3D models, and data.

Over 330 products for Motion Control, ask us about your custom requirements

Browse our categories and find the motors and products that work best for you.  You will find all information, drawings, solid models, movies, and prices for your selection and configuration to fit your needs.  We are here to help you find what you need, just contact us.

  Custom Design  

Custom Design - Excitron offers professional engineering advice and design for your project.  Contact us for expert help on your motion project and for Excitron to manufacture your mechanism.

  Customer Creations  

Custom Creations - Curious to see what some Excitron customers are doing with our products?  Here you can catch a glimpse of just a few applications and creative uses for stepper motors.  Want to tell use about your creation?  Contact us.

  Customer Support  

Customer Support - We are always here to help you with your stepper motor related needs.  Visit our contact page to get help and information via e-mail or phone.

Thank you for choosing Excitron!

Rotary Table video => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQHo2DwD18s

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